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Albon Is Better Than Gasly According To The Stats

Albon and Gasly
Albon and Gasly

Alex Albon is better than Pierre Gasly and I have the stats the prove it. Now back in 2019, I was caught up like everyone else, going what are Red Bull thinking, you guys are absolute morons. You want to get rid of Pierre Gasly, who by the way wasn't doing great, but you want to replace him with this little Thai boy they call Alex Albon. Ok, fair enough.

Then over the next year and a half we did nothing but put every little race, outing, results under the microscope to see how Albon did, compare him to Pierre Gasly in the Alpha Tauri. Well in 2020 Monza, Pierre Gasly got a fucking win, in an Alpha Tauri, that doesn't look good when Alexander Albon can't even get a podium or a top 5 finish in a fucking Red Bull.

But what if we look at those numbers, why not compare Albon to Gasly, see which one is actually better, hell, now that Albon is back and in a Williams, we can compare him to George Russell as well and I'm telling you, the numbers aren't lying here, Alexander Albon is better than Pierre Gasly and Red Bull are regretting kicking him out of the program.

Let's start with Gasly and Albon in a Red Bull, because we are looking at it like Albon was rubbish, but the average finish for Pierre Gasly in a Red Bull was 7.9, for Alex Albon it's 7.2, Alex Albon averaged a better finish in the Red Bull that Pierre Gasly, so just based off the numbers alone, Red Bull made the right decision to replace Gasly mid season with Albon. Should they have done it in the manner in which they did? probably not. But Pierre Gasly was a worst Red Bull driver than Albon was and that's a straight fact. Gasly was horrible in that Red Bull, so much so that he went to the Red Bull sister car and is currently averaging a finish position of 8.5 for his entire stint there. He's only finishing .6 further down the order in a much more inferior car.

But that's not all, let's actually talk about inferior cars, because although they both drove the same car and we have the results clear as day from that experiment we can look at what happens when Alex Albon is put in an inferior car compared to Pierre Gasly and the results from that don't favour Pierre one bit. Because Pierre Gasly this season in that Alpha Tauri is averaging a result of 13.4, where as Albon in a Williams, a car that we all agree sucks in comparison is getting a finishing result of 11.4. Both has two points finishes, but the days of Pierre Gasly finishing p6 or higher in that Alpha Tauri are long gone.

To show you just hope well Alex Albon is doing in that Williams, we can compare him to the most consistent driver on the grid, George Russell, who is the only driver to finish in the top 5 in all races this season so far. He raced for 3 seasons with Williams and it took him 48 races with Williams before he scored his first points with Williams. He did immediately go on to get the weirdest podium in F1 with his 2nd place finish in Spa in 2021, where it was so wet the race ran for two laps. But it only took Alex Albon 3 races to score points in a Williams and we discussed already that Albon's average finish in a Williams is 11.4, George Russell's, 14.4. Albon in his short stint in a Williams is finishing on average 3 positions higher than George Russell did and George Russell got that Williams on a fucking podium.

So looking back, Albon finished on average higher than Gasly in the same Red Bull and in a worse Williams he is performing better than Pierre Gasly is in an Alpha Tauri, and y'all trying to still convince me and everyone around you that Gasly is better than Albon? You need to take a good long hard look at yourself, because in despite that one win for Gasly in 2020, Albon has been the better racer, Red Bull were right to replace him in 2019 and if they were to do it again, it would be justified.

What we really need to see if Yuki Tsunoda go to Williams and have Albon and Gasly race side by side, to really see what's what. I think that competition would be mighty close and it would be a battle that would probably be more intense than the current one for the drivers World Championship. But if you ask me who's in trouble at Red Bull if things don't turn around and the answer is simple, it's not the little Thai Boy, it's the cheeky Frenchman who's BFF is the little Japanese Boy.


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