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Does Verstappen's WDC get an asterisks?

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

The FIA came out a few days ago and announced that Michael Masi was to be removed from the role of Race Director. They did this during the Ferrari Livery launch in the hopes that no one would notice, mind you, I nearly didn't because I was so fucking distracted by that gorgeous red beast and the two best looking drivers on the grid standing along side it. That Livery was smoking.

But somehow, people did notice, in fact a lot of people were rejoicing, some, like myself, thought he should've stayed in, but with a LOT more help and some rules in place to make sure we don't have the fuck up of all fuck ups when the entire world is watching. But alas he was gone, the FIA admitted that what they did was wrong, what Masi did was wrong, the whole damn season was conducted incorrectly.

But what does that mean for the season. Are we supposed to just say, yea it was what it was, the season was a shambles but we move on, or are we questioning the results all together. If someone else was in Masi's seat would Hamilton we World Champion, would he then have retired with 8 world titles instead of coming back for 2022? A lot of what if's here. But as the saying goes, IF my aunty had a penis she's be my uncle, so there is no use talking about it.

If the FIA are admitting that it wasn't conducted in the correct manner, if the results and outcome from those races are different than what they would've been otherwise, then are the FIA saying that Verstappen is your world champ but you need to take that with a grain of salt. Are the FIA saying that Verstappen doesn't deserve that World Championship? Because that's what it looks like, it looks like the Baseballs steroid era, yea Barry Bonds you are the home run king, but you took the roids. Is this Formula 1's steroid era?

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