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Episode 105

Episode 105 just went live, it was a big show too with Manscaped jumping on board and sponsoring the show for the entire month of February. It's often hard doing episodes during the offseason, but I don't mind it, right now there is so much news in the world of Formula 1 and when there isn't any news we just cover some of the Greatest Of All Time debates and look at ridiculous scenarios that would never happen in F1.

Today we went through the debate on who was the greatest of all time, and listed the top 10 Greatest F1 drivers of all time. Click on the link to read up on it, and that wasn't all, we looked at what the world of Formula 1 would look like if Ayrton Senna survived that horrible crash back in 1994 at Imola. Don't forget one of the better Stat of the Weeks as well as welcome aboard to the show, and at the moment you'll be able to pick yourself up a nice little discount, 20% off with code PIIMF and free shipping worldwide for the month of February, make sure everything is smelling good for Valentine's Day.

Check out the latest website on the home page on this site, or click on one of the links below and make sure you give it a subscribe and follow so you never miss an episode going forward. Check out the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts

and as always, Thanks for Listening.


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