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Episode 109

PIIMF Podcast
PIIMF Podcast

Episode 109 has just dropped, so make sure you catch it before it hits the floor, because it was an absolute banger, no one but two songs for you all. After Klaus gets disciplined for his horrible actions immediately after episode 108, we start by talking about the biggest news in F1 for the last couple of days, Michael Masi losing his Job as Race Director, and Why he should've been kept on. But that's not all, we go into the new rules and regulations brought in by the FIA as a result of what happened in the Abu Dhabi GP last season.

But with Masi going and the FIA admitting that what they did was wrong, we look at how that impacts us viewing Max Verstappens championship, whether we are sticking a big fat asterisks next to that. Don't forget that we check out a few more liveries, including that fucking gorgeous thing from Ferrari and much much more.

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and as always, thanks for listening.


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