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F1 2022 Constructors Predictions

2022 F1 Car Design
2022 F1 Car Design

It's that magical time of year when we sit back and start watching the teams unveil their liveries for the upcoming season. We study the images as close as possible to see the differences in the aerodynamics, when really what's more likely, the teams are just showing us a shell of the car and what we see now compared to what we see in Bahrain round 1 will be completely different. But that's not enough for me, I'm going to sit back with my double Midori on ice and tell you exactly where the teams will wind up at the end of the season. I've already gone through the drivers championship predictions, but now it's time for the teams, and there will be some surprises. So enough dicking around, it's time to start going through the Constructors and predict EXACTLY where they will finish by the end of the season.

10 - Haas

Look, it's no secret that Haas were going to appear there, I predicted that Mick would have 1 point this upcoming season and Mazepin fail to score. So with 1 point they aren't going to be rising up the ladder quickly. However, I do predict that Haas will be much better and what shocked me with the Livery reveal was not the Livery itself, what a generic copy and paste job that was, but it was the shape of the car. It's very very very different to what Aston Martin have produced so the questions will be, which car has got it right for the upcoming season, I'm super giddy and excited about this. But don't get me wrong, inexperience is going to cost the team once more. Haas dead last again.

9 - Williams

I would love nothing more than to be wrong about this one, we haven't had a sneak peak at their 2022 livery, but I'm hoping they turn it around. They replaced George Russell with Alex Albon, and I think it's safe to say that the Williams haven't traded like for like there, with them not improving in the driver line up, they'd be relying on other teams to get worse in order to move up the grid and I just don't see that happening. Williams with a couple of points, but comfortably ahead of Haas.

8 - Aston Martin

Despite having such a sexy, sleek, smooth livery, I think they've got it all wrong with the body of their F1 car. I think Stroll is going backwards and not being able to just copy Mercedes like for like on their cars means that Aston Martin are still figuring out how to do everything themselves. But this year is going to be a difficult one for them, I've predicted that Seb Vettel does Seb things and challenges like a lion, but Stroll is losing it. The cars performance wont be there and they'll make up some excuse for their failure like they did this year.

7 - Alfa Romeo

I really like this team, I'm really excited to see what they can do and although Zhou is the only true rookie on the grid and will take some time getting his feet, Bottas is there and that means they'll be in with a fighting chance for some points. They are solid, that's what 2021 taught us with their car, they were never good and were never god awful. They just were. But with Bottas there and some aero improvements and Aston Martin getting worse, I can see them challenging the Alpha Tauri for 6th. The problem they have is Gasly is a freak in that car and will drag the Red Bull sister car higher on the grid than it deserves.

6 - Alfa Tauri

Alpha Gasly, if he isn't switched on and feeling this car, they'll go backwards, and with Tsunoda's cash troubles, meaning he crashes too many times that the team spend all their resources on fixing his car, It may mean that Alpha Tauri really struggle this year. We're now going to be two years removed from that magical Monza win with Pierre Gasly. Since then we haven't had much sunshine and rainbows and the team always seem to make the wrong call when it comes to tyre selections, it's unbelievable how wrong they always seem to get it.

5 - Alpine

I can never make up my mind with the two over there at Alpine, sometimes I can't stand Ocon and Alonso and other times I think Alpine have done the perfect job and got the best two drivers for the team and with Oscar Piastri waiting in the wings, they have a bright future ahead of them. They want to get back up there in the fight of best for the rest and to be honest, I can see them getting McLaren this season, there's no guarantee that McLaren will produce a reasonable car again. I don't think Alpine get a win this year, but I believe they are going to be somewhat consistent. Expect them to put fear into that gorgeous orange McLaren.

4 - McLaren

So far the best Livery... Maybe. That splash of blue in there is amazing and I love it. McLaren should be aiming to blow Ferrari out and get the best of the rest, but I can't see it happening. I think Ferrari's driver line up is more consistent and I hate to say it, but more fucking gorgeous and with the run Ferrari had at the end of the 2021 season, they seem more switched on. But that could also mean that McLaren were working on 2022s car more often. It's going to be a real unknown on the grid to see how they go more so than most teams. We have no idea that McLaren are going to produce, other than a sexy fucking livery.

3 - Ferrari

This is going to be the real shock of the season, for most people. Obviously not fans of the podcast or articles, because I'm telling you right now, Ferrari will have an amazing year. They will be dialled in with developing an amazing car that will outperform and outshine everyone else on the grid, apart from Red Bull and Mercedes. They will frustrate other teams with their consistency and upsets, in particular in Baku and Monaco. They will ruin more chairs as the women around the world lose control of their nethers at the sight of these two gorgeous gods. Ferrari will finish 3rd and I don't think it's going to be close.

2 - Red Bull

I can see Red Bull finishing second, and I don't think they are going to be heads and shoulders above Ferrari on the Constructors Championship Table. I think Sergio Perez hurts them, I don't think the consistency is going to be there for him and with Max Verstappen trying to do a Pierre Gasly and carry an entire team, it isn't going to be enough.

1 - Mercedes

It won't be close, Mercedes will win the Constructors championship and it will be by a country mile, George Russell and Sir Lewis Hamilton, the greatest driver this sport has ever seen, will be just too good, too often. Mercedes might not have a clear favourite there for the title with Max Verstappen always lurking to steal some wins away, but with two excellent drivers up front, that leaves them in a great position to keep stacking on the points and running away with the Constructors title.

Let me know what you guys think, do you believe it's going to be a Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, 1,2,3. Let me know over on the socials, @parcitinmyferme on Twitter, Facebook and Instragram.


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