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Hate to say it, But Carlos's 2022 Season is Over!

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz

'It's 3 races into the year, what the fuck are you talking about? you can't write someone off this early.' First off, yes I can, second of all, you know I'm right and third of all, how can I hear you, I'm writing a fucking blog article.

Look, it's no secret that Formula 1, is a team sport, it is, it's got two drivers per constructor, a team boss, a bunch of mechanics, engineers and so on. It takes a lot of people to make sure those cars are good to go each race weekend. So therefore, it's in the teams best interest to get the best result for the team, and that doesn't mean winning the constructors championship.

You think that it would be the constructors title that teams would value higher and greater than anything else in Formula 1, but it's actually the Drivers World Championship. You don't believe me? Well just ask anyone their thoughts and opinions on the results of last years F1 season. Mercedes aren't happy with the result and they won the fucking season, but who we all celebrate isn't Mercedes, it's reigning champion Max Verstappen. Although the cash prize is behind the winning constructor, the fame, glory, merch sales, TV opportunities and sponsor deals will be far greater for the Winning Driver, not the winning Team. There's a reason why Rubens Barrichello's face isn't on posters, or figurines despite being apart of the Ferrari dynasty.

So what I'm basically saying is Carlos Sainz cannot win this year, why is that? Because Charles Leclerc is his teammate. Charles Leclerc is not only leading the championship, but would be leading the constructors championship by himself as well if he was his own team. He's currently on 71 points and Carlos Sainz, despite being in 3rd place on the standings is only on 33 points. But because he is behind isn't the real issue either, it's Max Verstappen, who is currently in 6th place on 25 points.

Max Verstappen is Ferrari's current threat and Mercedes are Ferrari's future threat this season. Max Verstappen has won every race he has finished, the problem is the reliability issues he is currently having. When Max is up and running he is getting closer to Leclerc's rear end than my wife would if she saw him in public. Once they start getting the reliability in place, then Ferrari are going to giving Leclerc all the upgrades and assistance that they can in order to keep him out in front. Carlos Sainz is going to play second fiddle to that. If Leclerc wins the championship, it'll be because of the help from his teammate in different strategies and qualifying efforts, but he himself isn't winning this thing.

I mentioned Mercedes because I believe they are a huge threat to Ferrari, Despite driving horrendously slow cars around the circuits at the moment they are currently sitting P2 and P5 on the drivers world championship and P2 in the constructors. Their car is fucking shithouse and they are P2! You know they are going to be playing catch up and scrambling in their factory to get upgrades in as quickly as possible, and if any team can do it, it's Mercedes. Yes I understand that there are cost caps in Formula 1, however no team is better equip than Mercedes in getting a car built, quickly within the budget, by doing some dodgy type shit.

I think Carlos Sainz is done, I think Ferrari are already looking at this season as we are all in on Charles Leclerc, and we are going to use Sainz as a pawn to get him that World Championship. It was funny that only a few months ago we were all questioning whether or not Carlos Sainz deserved to be the number 1 driver at Ferrari or not, but it's now plainly obvious that the Smooth Operator is there for the ride and Leclerc was given a long term contract for a reason.


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