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Masi Shouldn't Have Been Let Go, Here's Why.

Michael Masi
Michael Masi

So, LITERALLY, as I pressed publish on the latest episode of PIIMF, the FIA have announced that Michael Masi will not stay on as Race Director, and I was fucking pissed!

He had a horrible 2021, it's almost as if every single decision made by the man was the wrong one, the one that would cause the most amount of issues, the one that would fuck everything up for everyone. But it's my job to try and convince you all, to see it how I see it, to see that it wasn't all his fault, in fact, it was barely his fault at all, and here's why.

Well look, before we get started, let's have a quick chat about the big new addition to the TV coverage that put a lot of pressure on Masi immediately and that was the radio messages being broadcast between Masi and the Race Engineers and Team Principals. This is a massive change, because without this, everything is handled internally, the public never see or hear any of it and Horner and Toto don't grandstand and put on a show for the millions tuning in. They've gotten rid of that for this season. Now about that, I'm devastated they got rid of it, yes it puts a lot more pressure on the Race Director, but the end of the day, we watch Formula 1 to be entertained, and there is nothing more entertaining that Toto Wolff sending Masi emails that Masi ignores, or Masi presenting different 'deal or no deal' style of penalty choices for teams. It was ludicrous and absolutely fantastic to witness, my penis gets a rush of blood every time that little radio graphic would be displayed and the fact that it's gone is quite upsetting. Not only that, they've changed the rules that Team Principals cannot contact the Race Director directly at all this season.

So what was the job of the race director, their role in Formula 1, was to make sure the race ran smoothly and as safe as humanly possible. Ok, so let's look back at 2021, did every race run smoothly and in a safe manner? No one was injured or seriously hurt, other than maybe waiting too long in Spa to call off qualifying, and a tad too long in Baku and Jeddah to Red Flag it, it was a good season from him. Masi's job isn't to hand out penalties to the drivers, that's all handled by the Race Stewards, and group of rotating locals that love cars and maybe a former driver or two, who chop and change each race and have the consistency of my wife's gravy (it's fucking shit house). We've talked about this in length in a previous article. But the pressure placed on Masi from the higher ups to make sure the races actually ran would've been immense as well, after a Covid riddled 2020 season and sponsors getting very very nervous, it would've been vital for all races to run for as long as possible and finish under a green flag.

But Formula 1 have now said, what happened in Abu Dhabi is inexcusable, rules were bent, like a pornstars penis after shagging 50 women in 1 day, but not broken (pretty fucking close though and I understand Lewis, Toto and Mercedes disappointment) So they fired him from that position, he will work elsewhere within the FIA structure, he knows a lot and they would've been idiots to let him go. But they replaced him with two people and then a third person to assist those two people. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! So the FIA are admitting, the way it was set up by them was WRONG! You didn't have the tools to do your job and we broadcast your job to the world to see and when you make a mistake we will crucify you for it. That's what the FIA essentially did. I've said it before but is Masi wasn't in that job last year, whoever was would've also failed miserably. Now should Masi have Red Flagged Abu Dhabi, yes, no one would've hated that, well maybe Max and Christian, but they would've gotten over it because it's within the rules, then we would've had the same situation as we did in Baku with a quick 3 or so laps at the end, everyone on some fresh tyres and it would've been chaotic and amazing. So Masi should've done that, but I should've not shat my pants when I drank 5 bottles of red wine at my mates mums 50th a couple years ago and ruined my mattress. So we've all done some things we regret.

So let me ask you this, You're asked solve a Math's equation, it's complex and difficult, while you're solving it, 10 teams are bothering you and distracting you while you figure out the answer. Then after your attempt, Two people are asked to solve that same equation, these two are seasoned mathematicians that have been practicing for over a decade, they can work together, with a third assisting them and they've seen all your working out and attempts at it, also those 10 teams aren't allowed to bother them relentlessly anymore. Who do you think is going to do better.

I think Masi should've been kept on, and the new guys brought in to help, not kick Masi to the curb, not allowing him to redeem himself. Formula 1 put on the greatest season in a long long long time last year and because the old cranky rich white guys didn't necessarily like the outcome, Michaels been sacked.

Masi, you fucking sucked at your job, you really really did, you were punished despite doing the main part of your job, which was to keep everyone safe. Yes, there were a few moments where we all sat there going what the fuck were you thinking, but that was part of the charm in Formula 1.

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