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Max Verstappen Will Be The GOAT, In 5 Years.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

It's simple, the headline says it all. Max Verstappen, the 24 year old superstar at Red Bull will be the greatest driver that's ever raced in Formula 1. It's what I like to call a cheeky absolute statement, one that's eye grabbing, pissing a lot of people off, but if you actually think about it you'll see it through my eyes. Max Verstappen, will pass Lewis Hamilton, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher and be considered the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time.

Before we start looking at the numbers, the reasons why, let's talk about what makes the greatest of all time. In Formula 1, it's going to be someone that's won a lot of Championships, someone that's flat out dominated the sport, someone that's polarizing and is having a huge impact outside of the sport and someone that is considered a once in a generation driver. Let's look at the drivers that are considered the greatest and see if they tick the boxes, well first of all Michael Schumacher, 7 time world champ, lots of wins, dominated the sport. Iconic, Legendary. Sir Lewis Hamilton, fucked a pussy cat doll, 7 time world champ, most wins, most poles, most everything, dominated his era, saving the planet, wears a lot of jewellery and knighted by the Queen while still at the peak of his career, unbelievable. Well what about Ayrton Senna? multiple world champ, lots of wins, iconic figure, beloved by millions, respected by peers, banged supermodels.

So the question we need to ask is does Max Verstappen tick the boxes, does he match that criteria, is he on their levels. Well, no, it's not really that close, he's won more races than Kimi Räikkönen which I find undeliverable. He's only 24, so plenty of time to accomplish those things, he's won 1 championship, but let's look at the numbers, because right now you're sitting there thinking I'm a dickhead that doesn't know what I'm talking about.

Well Max is 24 years of age. 24, that's it! He's won 23 races, 63 podiums, 14 pole positions and 18 fastest laps and of course, 1 world Championship. Lewis when he was 24 had 11 wins, Sebastian Vettel had 16 wins and a title and Ayrton Senna hadn't done shit at the age of 24, he wasn't hitting wins like that until he was 29.

But even then, none of this is why Max Verstappen is the GOAT, well at least will be the GOAT in 5 years. It's because of Lewis Hamilton, it's because of what happened to him during the Turbo Hybrid era, it's similar to what happened with Michael Schumacher during the Ferrari days. Max Verstappen won a championship last season, Red Bull got Mercedes on the final lap of the final race of the final season of the Turbo Hybrid era.... part 1. We have a new car design and then the next huge up design update and car change is in 2026 when VW, with Porsche and Audi expected to get involved in some capacity. So the question now is, who is the Mercedes of the new era?

Well let's look, Ferrari got out to a hot start and everyone thought that they are a lock to dominate the new era of racing, well that was until Max worked out how to finish races. Now that he has that figured out, he's never lost. He's 3 for 3 on race wins when he finishes. If in this new era, Red Bull have their shit together the only thing stopping Max from winning 5 championships in a row right now is him getting too fucking bored and running away with Kelly Piquet to make some fucking babies.

Max Verstappen will be World Champion for the next few years and his domination will be compared to Lewis, Michael and Ayrton. Max Verstappen will be the one we consider the GOAT in 5 years time, you may not like it, you may sit back and think I've lost my fucking mind, but based on the domination he will have until the new cars in 2026, he will be the GOAT. Not to mention the new audience coming in from Drive To Survive, this will be the driver that they view as the most dominant, this is their first glimpse at someone flat out controlling the world championship from start to finish, and despite Charles Leclerc's best efforts we know that by the time the Mid Season break comes along. Max will be 30 to 50 points ahead and closing in on going back to back with the championship, it's as simple as that.


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