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Right Now, Who's Better? Hamilton or Verstappen

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

It's a fucking simple questions, it's as simple as looking at the numbers to see who is better, RIGHT NOW! Look, on the surface, you think it's obvious, Lewis Hamilton has won more races, more poles, more championships, more Pussycat dolls fingerbanged and more, but is it? and I think asking the questions who is better Right Now makes it quite even and is very important. Are we currently witnessing a passing of the torch moment? Look the question is nice and simple, put both drivers in the same car on the same track in the same conditions, who is the better driver, who would win?

Now unfortunately, we cannot do that at the moment, we don't have the ability of seeing that and I have the same chances of getting Gal Gadot to sit on my face as we do of seeing these two team up. But let's go by the numbers shall we. When looking at who is currently the better driver, we can only use the more recent data, let's only look at what happened in 2021. Max won 10 races to Lewis's 8, Max podiumed in 18 of the 22 races, to Lewis's 17. Max got 3 grand slams to Lewis's 1, But Max was in the better car right? Max was in a car far better that what Lewis was, that's the only reason Max can put up those numbers, Right?

Well let's look at the cars, which team had the better results, was it Red Bull or was it Mercedes. The best way to tell is by looking at the constructors table and by extension the number 2 drivers at each team. Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas. Both with a win to their name, Bottas DNF'd 4 times, but Bottas podiumed 11 times to Perez's 5, Bottas was more consistent, surely a car that can perform more consistently is the better car, Mercedes using logic and statistics was the better car in 2021.

So Lewis Hamilton who drove the better car, wasn't able to get as many wins as Max, as many podiums as Max and wasn't able to win the drivers championship, then what was it, it's not looking good for Hamilton in this argument. But we need to ask the question, was there some outside help, was Masi and the FIA in Max's corner, is the only, sole reason that Verstappen won because of outside interference?

Well no, you can't make that case, because Max didn't hit the Magic Button in Baku, Hamilton didn't have someone run into him in Hungary, and Max just followed the rules (like Hamilton did mind you) that were laid out in front of him.

So it really comes down to one thing and one thing only, was the Mercedes shithouse and Hamilton just drove it so well to compete, or was the Mercedes so good, and even in spite of that, Verstappen was able to win? The fact that Bottas finished 3rd suggests that that Mercedes was still a powerful beast, and Verstappen still beat him.

I have no question in my mind the Sir Lewis Hamilton, is the greatest driver of all time, but looking at who is the best driver in the world RIGHT NOW, there is only one clear answer and that's Max Verstappen.


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