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We Need To Wake Up! Imola Isn't A Good Track


You ever used to do something a certain way, just because you think it's what's best and it turns out it isn't best at all. Like how Putin wants more land for Russia so he starts a fucking war and thinks he can just take it, or you like a movie, because you feel you have to like it, it was an ok movie, it was nothing spectacular. But it's happening again. Formula 1 have announced they are extending a contract with Imola to continue racing there for the next 4 seasons, until 2025.

My problem is this, Imola track fucking sucks, it's really bad. And I'm going to get absolutely crucified for it because, how can I hate Imola? I'm playing my fucking Uno reverse card on you now and asking, how can you like Imola? Like seriously, what's so good about it? And if you say the fucking history of it all, then I'm going to kick you in your genitals.

It was a track that was brought in during the height of Covid, when F1 needed tracks, and the Italian Government were like, yea we don't give a flying fuck about Covid, We'll be happy to host some races. In fact Italy hosted three races that season. You remember the results of the Imola 2020 race, you remember how exciting that was? Yea, me neither, it was rubbish, It was a Ham, Bot, Ricciardo, 1,2,3. Which did leave us with 'is that a fucking podium boys' and then in 2021, the race was actually good. We had Bottas and Russell run into each other, Hamilton then drove off the track and reversed onto a live race track, should've been disqualified, but wasn't, also Lance's brakes were on fire, Lando nearly stuck his car on the front row in qualifying, but did manage to get a podium in the race, with Verstappen getting his first win of his championship season. See a lot happened. So why am I being an asshole about Imola.

Well let's ask, why has that happened? What was the reason for that happening? It all happened because it was raining, that's the only reason. Bottas and Russell don't collide if it's not raining, Hamilton doesn't go off the track if it's not raining, Norris doesn't get a podium, if it's not raining. If the 2021, Imola race was a dry race, it would be as boring, if not worse than the 2020 race.

It's like we feel personally guilty for what happened in 1994 with Ayrton Senna. We feel we need to go back there and start creating some happy memories, or we're doing it so we don't forget Senna. We aren't going to forget a man that won three world titles and all three in fewer races than Hamilton or Schumacher. Who knows what he could've gone on to achieve. But look, Formula 1, might have a really good reason for racing there, ok, here is what Stefano Domenicali, an Italian, oh wait, an Italian from Imola.... mmmm let's see his unbiased opinion on this. "I am delighted that we will be continuing our excellent partnership with Imola for the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix until 2025," "The circuit is iconic and has been part of the history of our sport and they have done an incredible job of hosting two races during the pandemic.'

Hold up, THATS NOT A GOOD ENOUGH REASONS TO RACE THERE!!!!! what's iconic is Hitler's Moustache, but you don't see us sporting one of those anymore, what's iconic are tall ships, but we aren't sailing around the world on those anymore. He goes on to say "It is a proud moment for our Italian fans to host two races and for all our fans around the world to see this fantastic circuit on the calendar for the future." Nah fuck that, two years ago, they had three races, and now they are going to continue to have two. This is bullshit, a rich racing history in Italy, ok, how many Italians are world champions, 2, Farnia won the first one in 1950 and Ascari won in 52 and 53. Since then, nothing, 70 years of shit, yes Antonio Racing Car Jesus Giovanazzi is a god of beauty and wonder, but he an I have the same winning record in Formula 1.

But no, let's keep rewarding Italy, and not look at hosting a single fucking race in Germany. Germans have won 12 championships, 4 times that of Italian drivers. 7 to Michael Schumacher, 4 to Sebastian Vettel and 1 to Nico Rosberg, and they've won 11 of those in this century. I'd say the culture of racing is pretty fucking strong there as well and if the head of Formula 1 was Chancellor Weiner Housen and not Stefano Domenicali then Germany would be getting a race. Mercedes is fucking GERMAN!!!! And I'm not saying Italy doesn't deserve one, of course, but they have Monza a track that has produced great racing the last few years without the wet weather.

Imola sucks, it's got history, it's the Black Panther of the F1 world, we like it because we think we have to. We will feel guilty if we don't, we think people will think we hate black people if we don't like black panther, but there have been a dozen other marvel movies that are better. Black panther sucks and Imola isn't any better.

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