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Will The FIA Try and Save Lewis Hamilton Again?

Lewis Hamilton Baku
Lewis Hamilton Baku

On the weekend we saw more issues over at Mercedes despite the amazing results. George Russell was able to continue his streak of top 5 finishes with a podium and Hamilton was just behind him finishing p4 in Baku at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. And I can hear you, a 3rd and a 4th in that fucking car, what's your problem, and to you I say, shut the fuck up, and just read, I'm getting there.

Hamilton is having some back issues, personally, I would've thought it was George Russell based on him single handedly carrying that team to any sort of relevance and success this year. But with the porpoising issue still not contained at Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton got out of the Formula 1 car at the end of the race and looked like a tired, old broken man that needs a walking frame to get around.

The seven time world champion, the man that won over 100 races, and the only F1 driver to get down and dirty with a little slap and tickle with a pussycat doll was barely able to move. Everyone is up in arms, 'this isn't right!' 'it's unsafe' 'FIA do something'. Right now, I'm telling you this, if the FIA step in and do something about the porpoising issue and Lewis Hamilton's car, Formula 1 has lost the fucking plot, it's become an absolute joke and there will be more validity to WWE results than there is Formula 1.

People want the FIA to step in to change the regulations to increase the ride height to limit the porpoising, but why? Hamilton's in a lot of pain, a lot of drivers are struggling with it, but you know what? Some fucking teams don't have a porpoising issue at all. And because they know what they're doing, hire the right people, design great car5s, they will be punished if the FIA step in. It'll be Daddy FIA stepping in to help their golden child Mercedes catch up to the other cars. Why punish Red Bull and Ferrari because Mercedes Engineers aren't as good. Does Usain Bolt start 30 meters behind everyone else to make it fair? No, don't be a bunch of fucking dicks.

Anyone here remember how old Lewis Hamilton is? He's 37, and although drivers are getting older and older, 37, is quite old in Formula 1 these days, and yes, I know that he takes incredible care of his body, probably more so than most, but father time is undefeated. No one lives forever but the fact that George Russell, who is only 24, isn't complaining or struggling as much tells you that maybe it's impacting Lewis's body more because he is 13 years older. I'm 35 and sometimes my knee just hurts, for no fucking reasons, that wasn't happening in my 20's. People get older and Hamilton is feeling the porpoising more than others.

Toto Wolff is also a fucking problem in this mess, he is making excuses and excuses, telling Hamilton after each and every race, yea sorry for the shitbox you had to drive today. How does that make the engineers feel, the same engineers that design Russell's car, a car that has finished in the top 5 every race this season, the only driver to do so this year. They're feeling like shit, because the team principal is patting Princess Lulu on the head and saying, 'sorry looooois, come suckle at daddy toto's teats.' Toto, please stop making excuses.

Finally, I know what you're all going to say and that is that the FIA had a hand in giving Max a championship last season, so why not let them interfere again and help out Hamilton and Mercedes. Because where does it fucking end, they are already fucking corrupt as it is, are they going to start giving the worse teams more money to help them out? Get Max and Charles to start a lap down and have them catch up. It's fucking stupid.

Red Bull and Ferrari as well as a few other teams have sorted porpoising, well at least to a point where they can manage it. Mercedes hasn't, so don't punish good engineering and reward shitty work because you think the sport needs them to compete in order to compete with last years races. A new car was brought in, and the results aren't there for excitement and entertainment, but we're 8 races in, give teams some time to figure some shit out, don't come in swinging your dicks about trying to change it all because you aren't happy with the outcome.

You made your bed, you must lay in it. Mercedes will work it all out, they're big boys. But no more excuses, Lewis is starting to get old, Russell is better, Mercedes haven't cracked the code and Red Bull has. Don't you fucking dare do a thing FIA. You and your shitty, homophobic, sexist president can fuck right off.


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