It's here, the biggest release EVER in the merch store!!! The debut album by the Caldipotamus, with some of the greatest tracks from the show itself. Imagine this,  you're sitting back, in your silk robe, embroided of course, you've lit some candles, you're sipping on your double Midori on ice and you start drifting away, to a spiritual place as you listen to the Caldipotamus, give your ears pleasure with the bangers on his Under The Covers Vol. 1 album. 


A Side: 

- PIIMF Original Intro

- Whole New Saudi Arabian World

- What About Me (feat. George Russell)

- Team Mate Battles

- Car Liveries (feat. Sisqo)

- Kissing Masi's Rose (feat. Seal)

- The Death of Masi's Career


B Side: 

- PIIMF Retro Intro

- Hello, Klaus (feat. Lionel Richie)

- Lewis, I Totally Miss You (feat. Tenacious D)

- My Favorite F1 Things

- Drive To Survive

- Mazepin Bye Bye (feat. N'Sync)

- Russia, We're Never Getting Back Together (feat. Taylor Swift)

AUTOGRAPHED VINYL - Caldipotamus - Under The Covers Vol. 1